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Camino Information Event

All you need to know about the Camino de Santiago...

if you are planning your first trip


looking to walk a different route!


St James's Parish Church

James's St,  Dublin, D8

Saturday  April 2nd,  2022

@ 12-2pm

Presentation @ 12:15 sharp

Followed by informal one to one chats with experienced pilgrims.

All are Welcome.

This is a FREE event.


At these events the Society provide "Independent, non-commercial information on the Camino".

Offical Camino Passports(Credencial) and Guidebooks will be available for sale.


Please consider joining the Society - annual membership is just €20 or €10 for students.   

If you are contemplating walking the Camino: Talk to an experienced Pilgrim, one that you trust or is recommended to you by a friend. It’s much better to learn by others’ mistakes! And besides that there is a massive amount of information (and advice) to be found on the www. But beware: listen carefully, if you think you are getting bad advice, you probably are.

Most of it is common sense. How far you walk, how much you carry, where you sleep, is down to each individual’s personal preferences. Looking after your body and in particular your feet, is critical to everyone who wants to have a successful Camino. Invest in proper footwear, socks and shoes (boots), go to a specialist outdoor adventure store

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