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Celtic Camino Route

Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail

Tóchar Phádraig

(Co. Mayo) 


Distance : 63 km
Ascent : 1205m
Time : 3+ Days

The Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail is a 63km walking trail which extends from the town of Balla westwards to Murrisk, a small seaside village at the base of the holy mountain of Croagh Patrick.

Traditionally the Croagh Patrick Heritage Trail is walked from east to west, walking towards Croagh Patrick. Beginning in the village of Balla and ending at the first station at the foot of Croagh Patrick beside the village of Murrisk.


The trail does not include the ascent of the mountain.

Throughout the Croagh Patrick Heritage trail, there are several instances of overlap with the ancient pilgrim route, walked by St. Patrick, known as the Tochar Phadraig. There will be wooden signs indicating these several locations.

In Pagan times, the Tochar was originally an ancient chariot road that stretched from Rathcroghan, Roscommon all the way to Croagh Patrick. It became a route of pilgrimage after St. Patrick spent forty days and nights on the mountain in 441 AD. At the time, the road was wide enough for pilgrims to take horses and chariots as far as Aughagower, at which point they would make there way on foot or horseback up to the Holy mountain.

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