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Suggested Camino Rucksack List

By Grainne Keating.

As you will see from the rucksack contents...this is aimed mostly towards the ladies but not exclusively.

Don't forget your · E111 European Health Card.

The Rucksack, 30/35 litre, free flow rucksack with rain cover.

What's inside:

Seeping bag/liner. Sleeping bag before April and after September.

Blankets provided in most hostels.

Hostels also provide disposable mattress cover and pillow case.

· 2 pairs of walking socks

· 2 pairs of walking trousers/shorts

· 2 tops ,light that dry easily, short sleeved/long sleeved

· 1 fleece

· Rain coat –keep your gloves, hat, tissues and lip balm in your pockets

· Rain poncho, also acts as a wind breaker. An extra layer covering you and your rucksack

· Light waterproof trousers. It does rain in Spain.

· Cotton neck buff, mops the sweat, sun protector, wind protector, prevents the rain running down your neck, dampen to cool down.

· 1 travel towel. Ensure it covers the necessary, little privacy and space at times

· Basic toiletries-there are well stocked pharmacies in every town-Vaseline, sun cream, arnica etc. Toilet roll with tube removed, in a plastic bag

· Nightwear

· Flip-flops to wear showering and at night. Feet welcome the escape from the boots

· Head lamp –handy if walking early in morn ,at dusk or simply finding your way to the bathroom

· Bum bag optional- national passport, pilgrim passport, phone ,money and cards, Each placed in small Ziploc bags

· Large safety pins-attach wet socks/towel to rucksack ,dry as you walk

· Phone charger and adaptor (two pin). Plenty of plugs en route. Put your initials on the items

· Sunglasses, hat and sun cream

· Ladies, if baring the feet consider painting the nails. Pack a scarf so you can feel feminine at night. Pack your lipstick and tinted moisturiser.

When packing your bag place your sleeping bag at the bottom. Practice rolling and packing your sleeping bag into its bag. Remember to roll from the feet of the bag pushing out the air as you roll, keeping it tight and compact. You will be packing and unpacking your bag daily.

To minimise losing items, pack everything in Ziploc bags. Also an added extra protection in heavy rain. Use one when showering as very often there isn’t anywhere to put dry clothes when showering. Pack an extra bag for laundry.

Money: bag of change- washing machines. Most cafés/hostels don’t take cards and prefer notes in small denominations.

Always brought my valuables with me when showering and kept them in my sleeping bag when sleeping.

Leave valuable jewellery at home. Wear a cheap watch.

Keep a water bottle in the side pocket of your rucksack. They can be refilled at fountains as you walk.

Packet of hard boiled sweets.

Place your guide book in a plastic bag in your other side pocket.

If on medication, bring a copy of the prescription just in case and contact number for your chemist.

Email a copy of your passport or other documentation to yourself. Easy to access in emergency.

Walking poles recommended.

Emergency number in Spain 112

Buen Camino/Hola are the greetings used.


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