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About Us

The Society is a voluntary organisation, founded in 1992 by returned pilgrims to give something back to the Camino de Santiago and to future pilgrims in gratitude for the fellowship and spiritual renewal they had each experienced on their own Camino. It fosters an understanding and appreciation of the Camino’s related history, art, architecture and music.  The Society incorporated in Ireland in 2015 as The Camino Society Ireland c.l.g. which now operates as the successor to the original Society.

It issues the Pilgrim Passport and offers an opportunity to all those interested in the Camino to meet and share practical information and experiences, especially with those intending to travel by foot or by bicycle. 

The Society is non-political, non-sectarian and non-denominational, encompassing all of Ireland and is open to all.

On a practical level we organize the Issuing of Pilgrim Passports, practical information days for intending pilgrims, the annual St James’s day Mass, an annual lecture on the Camino, a newsletter, an annual dinner and The Book of Pilgrims to Santiago.

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"Giving something back." Become a member and volunteer with us!

To volunteer just send an email to:

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