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Celtic Camino

What Is the Celtic Camino?

The Cathedral of Santiago has agreed to grant a Compostela to pilgrims who complete the 75km Camino Ingles route from A Coruña to Santiago, as long as they have already completed a certified 25km pilgrimage in their country of origin. A Coruña has many historical links to Ireland, including being the main port of disembarkation for Irish pilgrims since the 12th century.


Camino Society Ireland CLG (“The Society”) has undertaken the task of defining authentic pilgrim routes within Ireland. The Society has named the 25km walked in Ireland with the 75km walked from A Coruña, the “Celtic Camino." This provides Irish pilgrims with a great opportunity to do part of the Camino at home before starting Camino Ingles in A Coruña. 

How To Receive a Compostela for Walking 75km to A Coruña

  • Decide on the route in Ireland you plan to walk.

    • It must be a minimum of 25km.​

    • It should have a stamp/sello system in place to allow for verification, if possible.

    • Preferably linked to a Pilgrimage, of which there are many in Ireland.

    • You can find a list of our "suggested" routes here.

      • NB: The society have no responsibility for any of these routes!​

  • Acquire your official Camino de Santiago Pilgrims Passport/Credentials.

    • We can only accept official Camino de Santiago passports (issued by the Camino Society Ireland or international equivalent).​

      • More information on passports here.

    • Complete your Celtic Camino stage(etapa). STAMP AT THE START AND FINISH, where available. This is a trust system!

  • ​Bring your Pilgrims Passport to the Information Centre in Dublin for verification and we will certify you have walked 25km with a Celtic Camino Compostela.

    • There will be no charge for the Compostela for pilgrims with our Camino Society passport or for our members. Pilgrims with other official passports will be asked for a small donativo, €1 or €2, to cover our printing costs.​

    • If you cannot visit the Information Centre, contact us via email or at one of our Information days. Email:

  • Recommence your Pilgrimage in A Corúna. From there to Santiago, the normal rules apply if you wish to obtain a Compostela: get 2 sellos/stamps per day.​​

    • In Santiago you submit your Pilgrims Passport with your stamps for the A Corúna route along with your Celtic Camino Compostela (or a copy) and you will be granted a Camino de Santiago Compostela.​

    • You can also request a Cathedral stamp for your Celtic Compostela  in the Pilgrims office. These arrangements have been discussed and approved by the Pilgrim Office in Santiago.

    • Remember to bring the Celtic Camino Compostela (or a copy) with you to Spain!

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Celtic Camino Map Final May21-1.png
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