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Camino Society Updates and Events

20-24 September - Galician delegates visit Ireland and unveil our first Galician Mouteira on the Bray Celtic Camino

We were thrilled to welcome a significant delegation from Galicia, which included the President of the Deputación of Coroña, Valentín González Formoso, deputy Antonio Leira, the President of the Association of Councils of the Camiño Inglés, Manuel Mirás, among other distinguished guests, who were all here to collaborate on promoting the Celtic Camino, both here in Ireland and in Galicia.


After spending a great day in Drogheda and the Boyne Valley learning all about our Celtic ties to Galicia from the Boyne Valley Walking team, they met with the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland, Ion de la Riva Guzmán de Frutos, before attending the unveiling of our first official Mouteira / Camino waymarker on our Bray Celtic Camino Coastal route. 


They finished their trip with a visit to our Camino Society Ireland Information Centre at St. James's Church in Dublin 8, getting wowed by our unique Book of Pilgrims and presenting us with a lovely pilgrim statue to remember the visit.


This visit has helped to cement the growing relationship we have with our friends in Galicia, as we work together to promote the Celtic Camino and onward journey of the Camino Inglés, the most historic route for pilgrims coming from Ireland and the UK. 


You can read more about walking the Irish Celtic Camino and Camino Inglés at these links:

20-24 September - Galician delegation.jpg
26 August 2023 - Events Committee Walk through Boorabog

Returning to Lough Boora Discovery Park, members and friends enjoyed a lovely 15km informative walk through this fantastic nature reserve. The flora and fauna were fantastic and pilgrims had the opportunity to test out their rain gear, as we had on-again, off-again sun versus showers. A lovely day had by all, and we absolutely earned our tea and biccies by the end of it! 

Thanks to everyone who joined! These walks wouldn't happen without you!

26.08.23 - Boorabog.jpg

29 July 2023 -Events Committee walk to Howth

We had a great turnout for our July walk to Howth Head. Members and friends walked together in optimism for good weather and we very nearly had it the whole way! Thanks to everyone who came, and to our Events Committee for organising.

Want to get the heads up about our next walk? Head on over to our website and become a member and you'll receive invites to our monthly walks, annual fiesta and more! You can also volunteer with us. We'd love to chat!

29.07.23_Howth Head.png

25 July 2023 - St. James's Day with the Spanish Ambassador

On the actual feast day of St. James, el día de Santiago, some members of the board were honoured to attend a special celebratory lunch at the Spanish Ambassador's residence, where a three-course meal of different Spanish regional cuisine was served with great conversation and promises for all to walk the Bray Camino.

25.07.23 - Dia de Santiago.png

23 July - St. James's Day Mass

We were honoured and humbled today to have such esteemed guests at our mass to celebrate the feast day of St. James (Santiago).

His Excellence, Ion de la Riva Guzmán de Frutos, Spanish Ambassador in Ireland, joined the congregation to first hear Father Martin Dolan begin the mass with a moving tribute to the late John Brierly, followed by a touching homily given by Reverend David Nixon, former President of the Methodist Church in Ireland. Parishioners from near and far also enjoyed the beautiful music of organist Geraldine McGann and harpist and soloist Anne Tuite.

Thanks to everyone involved for their participation, with an especial thanks to Betty White for bringing it all together. The spirit of the Camino lives in us all, and it's lovely to remember that every year at this special event.

SJD Mass pack.jpg
15-18 September - CSI meeting with the Freundeskreis der Jakobuspilger Paderborn

Four of our volunteers had the great fortune to be able to visit the beautiful city of Paderborn, Germany to meet the Freundeskreis der Jakobuspilger Paderborn Hermandad Santiago. Over the course of the long weekend, friendships were made, walks were taken, bread was broken and so many wonderful ideas were exchanged about how to promote our mutual love of the Camino de Santiago. We want to thank all of the team there; the entire Board welcomed us with open arms, literally into their homes and into their kitchens. A huge thank you as well is owed to Cornelia Koller for her tireless energy and enthusiasm, as well as her willingness and ability to seamlessly switch between not only two, but sometimes three or four different languages to help keep the conversations moving robustly! 

We are so looking forward to collaborating with our new friends in Paderborn - watch this space for more updates!

You can read the article written in Paderborn Press about the visit to get a mere glimpse of the fun they got up to (NB the article is in German).

15-18 September - Paderborn Visit.jpg
8 August 2023 - Visitor from Galicia

We were very happy to welcome Manuel Mirás Franqueira, President of Association of Councils of the Camino Inglés in Sigüeiro, Galicia, to our Information Centre in Dublin on Tuesday, where he saw our distinguished Book of Pilgrims and toured our beautiful church. We are looking forward to collaborating with him and his team at the Association in Sigueiro, Galicia, to encourage more pilgrims to walk the Celtic Camino and the Camino Inglés.

As more pilgrims are walking the Camino Inglés every year, the Council and Association are making an effort to make it the priority route for Irish pilgrims, as it is an easy route that can be done in three to six days and obtain the Compostela.

You can read more about walking the Irish Celtic Camino and Camino Inglés at these links:

20-24 September - Galician delegation.jpg

2 July 2023 -
Remembering John Brierly

Anyone in our pilgrim world will at least know the name of John Brierly. Many of us who have walked at least a leg of the Camino will likely have read some of one of his books, if not brought one or more with them along the way. 

A great man, not because of his worldly success in selling millions of Camino guidebooks, but because of his inward goodness that shines through in every photograph of him, and in every meeting between him and his fellow pilgrims. His soul has the ability to make you feel that everything is going to be alright.

Guy had the privilege of meeting John during the filming of the BBC1 TV's "Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago," during which they bonded over the simple essence of what pilgrimage does. John understood the heart of pilgrimage: the inward journey towards truth fuelled by the outer journey through the land.

We need to realign with our selves. Our planet is fine without us, it does not need saving, we do. Many selves have been found through John's guidance. May he rest in peace and continue to inspire.

You can read more tributes to John at these links:


30 June 2023 - Vox Peregrini

We were thrilled to welcome back after four long years the amazing pilgrim choir Vox Peregrini. After spending a week walking and singing along the Wicklow Way, this a capella group from the US, many of whom only met after landing in Dublin, sang from their souls and delivered a beautiful free concert to us in St. James's.

To learn more about this amazing group, have a look at their website:

Vox peregrini.jpg
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